About MegaPath University

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Almost every small, medium, or enterprise-size business depends on broadband connectivity in some way—either to contact clients, complete financial transactions, communicate with co-workers, or interact with vendors. An increasing expectation for collaborative, secure, and responsive business interactions—as well as the pressures of meeting accessibility demands through distributed business networks—are rapidly changing the definition of business agility. Because network resources are limited, finding a balance between business and operations needs is often resolved in IT budgets. Productivity, availability, and vulnerability clash as competing priorities—and the winner is flexibility. Businesses are demanding more out of the technologies that keep them competitive. Finding efficient and effective ways to have business networks solve issues and demands, stretch the possibilities of providing reliable service, and ensure that commitments can scale cost-effectively are real challenges. Not surprisingly, organizations are looking for experienced guidance and reliable resources.

MegaPath University is a centralized learning resource designed for IT and business professionals and their partners to register for learning opportunities and webcasts, and better understand topics such as MPLS technology, always-on connectivity, voice, security, regulatory and compliance requirements, cost control, and more.

What is MPLS?

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the network engineering standard that classifies and labels network traffic at the edge of the network before it's aggregated and transported across the service provider core. Traffic at the edge and core of the network can then be differentiated into various classes by drop probability or delay. It provides for predictable performance, secure routing, and support for multiple levels of service in a MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network). Basically, MPLS provides smarter network traffic engineering and valuable IT service delivery assurance.